Ultimate Container Kitchen Garden

In the heart of London on the Strand you’ll find Coutts Bank, one of the oldest banks in the world. The bank has their own restaurant to wine and dine wealthy customers and some of the food is produced on their own roof.

Their container garden spans the entire walkway around the roof, with vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits living amongst the numerous cooling systems for the building.

Recently the garden was open in the public as part of London Open Gardens Weekend, so come with me as I explore the Coutts Skyline Garden.

You can just about see the garden from outside Charing Cross Railway Station.
Visitors to the garden.

The Platinum Jubilee decoration on the Strand.
Raspberries growing above the Strand.

Charing Cross Railway Station.
Rhubarb growing in a container.

Raspberries growing in a container.

Calamondin Orange Citrofortunella microcarpa growing in a pot on a roof garden in Central London.
Calamondin Orange Citrofortunella microcarpa.
Ice Plant.

Apples growing opposite Charing Cross Railway Station in Central London.
Apples growing in a container.
Charing Cross Railway Station.
Coutts Skyline Garden, the Strand, London.
Off to Regency Cafe, Victoria.
Regency Cafe, Victoria. On a Sunday the last customers are allowed in at 11:45am.

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  1. A beautiful video, thank you. I had no idea that Coutts had a rooftop garden.

  2. can anyone help with what H&S measures need to be put in to make rooftop gardens safe? Any any irrigation tips?

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