June Y1, Marking out the Beds

Started marking out the first of the vegetable beds.

From left to right there will be a 4ft flower bed followed by a 2ft path, the material will be the yellow gravel which I’ve used in the past. The first vegetable bed is 8ft to make it easy to hoe from each path without stretching too much. Next to this will be another 2ft path of the same material to the first then another 8ft vegetable bed and another 2ft path. All these will run the whole length of the plot which is 56ft.

I’m still to decide whether these beds will be no-dig or not, it all comes down to the price of compost which is pretty high in London. The last time I bought a ton of compost it worked out £80 per ton but that was pre-pandemic.

Above everything, the next task is to cut the grass. Once this rainy weather turns to sunshine and it’s had a few hours to dry out, I’ll be there with the strimmer cutting it back.

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