Kensal Rise Has A Story

Kensal Rise Has A Story
John Rogers

Two years ago I got off the London Underground in an area I'd never visited before, Kensal Green. I was visiting this suburban village to explore an art exhibition, Kensal Rise Has A Story by fellow YouTuber and friend John Rogers.

Dotted on lampposts throughout the area were yellow borders displaying QR codes. The idea was that visitors walked around the streets and found these yellow border then scanned the codes into phone. Up popped an audio file of a local resident talking about the history of the area from their point of view.

As someone who has written and had published social history books, I loved this project. It was a warm sunny Saturday when I visited and strolled around the streets listening to these memories. When I returned to the start I bumped into John who had just arrived in the area and wanted to make sure that everything was in order, so off again I went around the streets with John.

This is my video of the day...

Two years later and it is September 2022. John has just realised a video looking back at the project and I'm honoured to have been included in his video. It's great to see the faces of the voices I listened to on that sunny Saturday in Kensal Green.

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