Keeping Paths Clear

Pruning the trees which have grown over the communal path between my plot and my neighbours.

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  1. I miss my garden. I’m in a senior apartment and have no area. It’s great to watch your garden changing.

  2. Hi Sean, Here in northern California, we have a house garden with lots of herbs and flowers, a pomegranite, a lemon, and two elders. We have 6 raised beds mostly for veges. We’ve planted everything but some more herbs and flowers that are ready to plant out. Because we’re in a drought, we put in drip irrigation last year, set to water at the minimum. We save a lot of water to dump outside like rinse water from washing the harvests, but we might need to rig up a system to use our bath rinse water too. So far everything is flourishing because we got two good rains this spring.

  3. Hi Sean

    Is it possible that your spiky growth is blackthorn?

    • I thought that to begin with but it looks to be from the rootstock of the Plum. Am cutting the spikey branches down to the ground.

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