Going in much sooner than planned

Going in much sooner than planned

I've said since day 1 of taking on this allotment that I wouldn't be touching the large pile of rubbish until closer to Bonfire Night on November 5.

In recently days I've been trying to double dig an area for the roses which will arrive next month but the ground is still rock hard and extremely difficult.

Today when I arrived at the garden with my friend we decided that the digging would just have to wait until a few days of rain arrived to really soften the ground.

As we walked around the garden we ended up by the pile of rubbish just in front of the greenhouse. We pulled out a few things, wood, old plastic pots, glass panes and a few pieces of metal. But the problem with pulling a few things out is that in no time you then start yanking at the larger pieces and before you know it, you are in the middle. And yes, we were in the middle of this pile of rubbish.

It all started with me saying, "I wonder what's in that bag?".

Sadly I didn't have my video camera with me so only have a few pictures and a little video taken on my phone but the quality isn't as good as my camera. When filming I have to weight up the advantages of having help from a friend (who doesn't want to be filmed) over making a video. It would have been too easy to say that we couldn't start clearing it before I had to film it but in reality it's much quicker and easier with two on the one task.

Pity the window frame is so rotten, I could have used it when I build my shed.

It didn't take long for us to get into a system. One pile for rubbish to burn, one pile for glass, one for plastics and metals heading for the rubbish tip and another for plastics which can be recycled.

The majority of this wood is rotten and only good for burning.

Now I have several piles so it looks a right disaster but hopefully within a week or two it will all be removed or burnt. A few evenings of fires are on the cards. A lovely way to keep warm as these days are already turning colder as Autumn approaches. Once the wood ash has cooled down I can put it into a glass jar and use it later in the season.

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