Metaldehyde Slug Pellets are Banned in UK

At some point in our gardening journey, especially at the beginning, we’ve all used metaldehyde slug pellets (traditionally coloured blue) to keep the pests at bay but from today (April 1, 2022) they are banned and no longer available to buy.

Traditionally metaldehyde slug pellets are coloured blue.
The slug pellets contain an organic compound that is toxic to slugs called metaldehyde. From today they can no longer be sold and it’s now illegal to even used them in a UK garden or allotment. Animals such as hedgehogs and birds eat the effected slugs and snails and can also become ill. They have also been known to effect the health of dogs.

Alternatives include beer traps or surrounding the seedlings and plants with a course substance such as grit, egg shells or sheep wool pellets (

Sean James Cameron
Sean James Cameron

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